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 Join Token 
The Utility Token
on JFIN’
s Ecosystem
The Whitepaper

Executive Summary


The company J Ventures, which issued the JFIN coin, has been working on developing and creating an ecosystem for the JFIN coin over the past few years. This includes the creation of the JFIN Chain to support the growth of use cases, with JFIN as the native gas.


The JFIN Chain is based on the EVM, which has the same standard as the Ethereum Chain and is a Proof-of-Stake (POS) system. Validation nodes, which are business-friendly, are used to develop decentralized applications on the JFIN Chain. The JFIN token is classified as a Utility Token Group 2, and for the sustainable growth of the JFIN Chain in the future, the company aims to create an ecosystem for the chain using Group 1 utility tokens.


The introduction of Utility Tokens has led the company to recognize the growth opportunities in various use cases for the company and its business partners. This is aligned with the direction of establishing the JFIN Chain as a blockchain for business groups to "participate" in creating an ecosystem. Thus, the company sees the need to create utility tokens for Group 1 for JFIN Chain and J2O Chain to maximize the benefits of JFIN Tokens and Chains.


Furthermore, the company has recognized the opportunity to develop and upgrade the CRM Point System, which is similar to the old (WEB2) system, by incorporating blockchain technology to solve problems. Therefore, the company has collaborated with J Elite Co., Ltd, a company under the Jaymart Holding Group Company that manages the "J Point" point system, to develop this system.

Concept and Design


“Join Token” is a utility token that is used for JFIN Chain ecosystem-related applications and services. It aims to provide a decentralized platform to boost digital transformation through the digitization of its assets with blockchain and Smart Contract technology.


Join Token is a utility token that has been designed to highlight the use of JFIN Chain as the primary utility token for Jaymart Group and its node partners. As a utility token, Join Token is intended to serve a specific purpose within the JFIN Chain ecosystem, providing various benefits to its users.


By emphasizing the usage of Join Token, Jaymart Group, and its node partners can showcase the practical application of JFIN Chain within their business operations. This can help to drive the adoption of the technology by other businesses and individuals, ultimately contributing to the growth of the JFIN Chain ecosystem.

Overall, the Join Token is a key component of the JFIN Chain ecosystem, highlighting the value of utility tokens and their role in supporting the development of decentralized systems.

Use in JFIN Chain Ecosystem
(Layer 1)


Fixed Price 1 THB
(we don't want Price to change)

Not Be Listed in Exchange

But Allow DeFi Protocol on

Layer 1 

J Ventures held Account Reserved
(Fiat from J Point & Buy Transactions)

Join Token Use case


Join Token is designed to be used as the first Utility Token for Jaymart Group and Node Partners. This suggests that the token has a specific corporate use case in mind and may have a closer relationship with these companies than with other potential partners.


Join Token is also designed to be used on the Join Wallet Application, which is likely a wallet that will allow users to store and transact with various cryptocurrencies and digital assets, including Join Token.


Join Token is designed to be used on a centralized NFT Marketplace within the Join Application. This marketplace will likely allow users to buy and sell NFTs Utility using Join Token as the medium of exchange.


The Join Token is also designed to be used as the minting fee on a decentralized NFT Marketplace called JNFT Marketplace. This means that users who want to create and sell NFTs on this platform will need to pay a fee in Join Token. Additionally, Join Token can be used as a medium of exchange for buying and selling NFTs on this platform.


Additionally, the potential use case for Join Token in the decentralized ecosystem is as a means of staking on various DeFi applications that will be developed on the JFIN and J2O Chains. Staking is the process of locking up cryptocurrency to support the network and receive rewards. Users could stake their Join Tokens in exchange for rewards, creating a system of incentivization that benefits both the users and the ecosystem.


Defi / Stake / Lending / Farming / Bridge

Join Wallet

Central Wallet and System Integration

Utility Token Marketplace

Voucher, Privilege, Flash Deal, CRM activities

Jaymart & Node Partners on JFIN Ecosystem
DApps website and platform on JFIN Chain

Join Rewards

Marketing campaign / airdrop activities/brand engagement

NFT marketplace and Hyper NFT Platforms

Finally, the Join Token is designed to circulate as a utility token on decentralized applications that are being developed on the JFIN Chain. This suggests that there are plans to create a robust ecosystem of decentralized applications that will utilize Join Token for various purposes.


Token Allocation and Limitation


Join Token allocation and supply is designed based on demand of the usage, meaning that Join Token will be mint when there is conversion of J Point or direct purchase with Fiat. In other hand, it will be burned when Join Token conversed back to J Point. In this case, Join Token supply will be wavering to indicate need of Join Token, with a maximum at capacity of J Point portfolio.


In fiat side, J Ventures will be custody of THB that collected from Mint and Sale transaction in company reserved bank account, which will be referred price to 1 THB/Token all the time. And J Ventures will buy Join Token back as BIG lot only from registered merchant, which will be burn token right after transaction is done.

Smart Contract

 Join Token Timeline 2023 


  • Official Launch & Support on

  • Airdrop Activities


  • Token convert from J Point

  • Launch special deals with join token


  • Launch partnership program

  • Airdrop Activities


Airdrop Activity


Launch Influencers acquisition program and marketing campaign


Decentralize swap Join Token


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